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We've listed some of the most popular states that have expressed an interest in buying a world-class German Shepherd puppy, adolescent or service/therapy dog from us. Throughout the years, the Vom Ragnar kennel has built an incredible bloodline of German Shepherd dogs that make amazing show and family dogs. From adorable little puppies, German Shepherds grow into intimidating adult dogs that are eager to please and protect their family. These soft temperaments mean that my dogs are happy to go out and play, but just as happy to come in, lay at your feet, and interact with their family. Learn what foods are toxic to dogs to keep them safe during the holiday season from our German Shepherd breeders. Unfortunately, among many German Shepherd puppies for sale in Illinois, some wont make good family dogs or working dogs. You can see the that dog runs are a step down from the rest of the room. All my dogs are medium to low energy, making them easy to train and ideally suited for families. We were greeted by Cindy the owner and were completely WOWED! The dog door leads to the 50 x 50 dog yard which is fenced with chain-link. About Us | Privacy Policy | Terms | Affiliate Disclosure | Contact 2023 PupVine. After the puppies go back indoors, we pressure wash the outside runs so theyre ready for the next morning. Therefore, this is why I decided to introduce you to the best ones that I have found. Since 2004 we have spent years finding straight back German Shepherds with strong. Our facility is located in Pomona Park, Florida, about an hour and 10 minutes south of Jacksonville and an hour and a half northwest of Orlando. Developed from old shepherd and farm dogs, the German shepherd dogs we know today were first introduced in Germany in 1899. Get your Reservation Deposit in now to get your name on the litter pick list. Welcome, and thank you for choosing Serenity Hill German Shepherds for your next puppy! You should reach out to the Vom Ragnar German Shepherds team if you are interested in purchasing one of their West German Shepherd dogs and puppies.They will all be happy to hear from you! And we also state in our contract that we will take the puppy back at any time in its life no questions asked if the owner cannot keep it. And as you can see, there is lots of natural light. The German Shepherd dog is a working dog that is used for protection, so the breeds worth is evaluated through its Schutzhund performance. Now, lets walk outside into the dog yard. Straight-backed German Shepherds were the original German Shepherds. All my dogs are OFAd/Penn Hipped and DM tested (more information about health testing can be found on the Contract page). At eight weeks, we take our pups to the vet for a thorough examination and their first set of puppy shots. We also believe in lots of fresh air, weather permitting, and all eight of our windows can be opened on warm days and nights and have screens to keep the bugs out. These reputable breeders of German Shepherd dogs are located in Wonder Lake, Illinois. straight back german shepherd. We took home our pup and have had only good thoughts and things to say since we left. Since 2004 we have spent years finding straight back German Shepherds with strong genetics and DM cleared into our blood line. So, if you are looking for a family dog or a dog to compete in Schutzhund, then knock on the door of Von Fenja German Shepherd breeders or, should I say, give them a call. WebWe have been breeding quality dogs for over 20 years. WebWelcome to White Star Kennel! The Mittelwest German Shepherds breeders are the American Kennel Club Breeders Of Merit. Most, unfortunately, do not breed according to breed standards and the AKCs code of ethics. They have announced seven GSD puppy litters for this spring and summer! The sable coat color in german shepherds is the most dominant gene. The Regis Regal German Shepherd breeders are pros at socializing and training these smart working dogs. We strive to keep the OLD FASHIONED German Shepherd lines with straight backs, large bones, big heads and most important excellent health and temperament. Take a look at some of our past puppies, check out current puppy pictures, and see our upcoming planned litters! All our dogs are AKC registered, OFA or Penn Hipp tested (hips & elbows), Embark Tested for over 190 traits and health risks and DM Clear. In the photos, the black mat is the heating pad. 5 long haired german shepherd puppies for sale. Here is the dog yard. WebWe now have turned our focus to specializing and delivering top long coated German Shepherd Dogs from European bloodlines. Neutering a male GSD may also cost less than spaying a female GSD. Location: 7213 Blissdale Rd, Marengo, IL 60152, United States. But, the German Shepherd dog wouldnt have inherited all of these amazing personality traits if it wasnt for good breeders. Our You have got to check out some of their cute GSD photos on their website. It is incredibly rare to find such individuals who view their dogs as more than just business. Reputable breeders invest a lot into producing well-mannered GSD puppies that not only look good, but also inherit wonderful temperaments. Our breeding facility has its own fence around a 50 x 50 parcel that is dedicated strictly to the kennel. We also ask them to wash their hands before handling the puppies all very important steps to help protect young puppies immature immune systems. But, I asked myself, how many of those hundreds of breeders are actually reputable? please call us at 703-444-9775. Meet the White Star Kennel breeders who redefine breeding dogs in kennels. It is about 50 x 50 fenced with chain-link. This is what we use as a whelping box. Our dog runs are convertible. Well, Im here to tell you more about some of the most reputable German Shepherd breeders in Illinois. Along with your dog, youll receive: We provide a health record indicating that each of our dogs has received appropriate vaccinations and dewormings as directed from our veterinarian. We also have a barn and several pastures with goats, horses, peacocks, guinea pigs and cows. Our German Shepherds are strong, large dogs with straight backs rather than crouching hips sometimes found in German Shepherds of other lines.. Thankfully, we have two fabulous helpers who each work here part-time to keep the grounds beautiful, the yard free of dog feces, and to keep the kennel clean. All the way back to 1993, these GSD lovers have been training all kinds of working dog breeds. Brian (left) and Don (right) make sure our kennel and property always look their best! If you are interested in a puppy or have any questions, German Shepherd Puppies and Their Families. On their days off, Landschaft German Shepherd puppies like to chill in the pool! We breed for an original, true German Shepherd dog with an impressive size, straight back, and working-line conformation. How Much Should You Pay For A German Shepherd Puppy in Illinois? If you would like to hear Cindy's thoughts on any particular element of owning or raising German Shepherds then feel free to get in touch. And those are only a hand full of the reasons that the ever-loyal German Shepherd consistently ranks at the top of the most popular dog breeds in America. Give a German Shepherd a task and you will be left speechless by its intelligence and high motivation. Let us help you find the perfect companion for your needs.We are a family-owned and operated business with roots back to 1987. That dog yard is dedicated to moms and puppies. We love our dogs , but we have to be careful because there are many foods toxic to dogs. Advertise sell buy and rehome german shepherd dogs and puppies with pets4homes. This teams main focus is to produce top-quality and healthy German Shepherd puppies. WebEvery puppy from the straight back German Shepherd litters that our dogs produce is given the best possible start in life; we ensure that they are given a full health check from the vets All of the Vollmond Shepherds go through an early puppy socialization process and obedience training before they go to their forever home. We raise, breed, train, and board dogs on our state-of-the-art facility here in Spring Grove, Illinois. Their pups are properly socialized and well trained. Goble Kennels is located in Loudon NH, just outside of Concord, the state capital of They offer many activities that include early socialization of their German Shepherd pups. We are very proud of our accomplishments. Although adoption is a very humane gesture, you cant be 100% sure of what kind of personality traits your new German Shepherd dog will carry. We produceWest-German siegerdogs. T: (406) 570-0131 E: Livingston, MT 59047 . s and DM cleared into our blood line. Find out where your puppy got its start by taking a look at our facility and learning a bit more about our breeding program. Additionally, each GSD puppy undergoes their dog training program. Our German Shepherd puppies will be loyal and protective for your family. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All images are the property of their respective owners. so that they will be happy, well-adjusted puppies when they leave us for their new homes. This list of German Shepherd breeds in Illinois keeps getting better and better! All they need in return is for your family to love and care for them for life. Our puppies are born and raised in our home which means your puppy will already be socialized with our dogs and children and be familiar with all the sights and sounds of a normal home. ), temperament, and training. Location: 17417 W State Rd, Pecatonica, IL 61063, United States. These reputable breeders are out there doing their best to save, preserve, and promote the German Shepherd dog breed. We utilize a German-based positive approach to train any breed of dog. The health record will include your puppy's vaccination and deworming schedule, the dates in which each dose has been administered and the dates when the next doses are due. German Shepherds come in various coat colors. While we have a kennel, our dogs are never warehoused in cages. It has won over the hearts of many Americans and people across the world. Inside each run, you will see a plastic childrens wading pool. Location: 8310 Howe Rd, Wonder Lake, IL 60097, United States. A few years later, in 2000, they imported a German Shepherd dog and shifted their focus entirely on this breed of dog. Want to know more about the German Shepherds we breed? The Snowcloud Shepherds we breed have AKC pedigrees tracing back to Alices Khemo. Now is the right time to contact the Mittelwest GSD team. We are centrally located, and within an hour and a half drive of several major airports. If you are looking for a world class GSD puppy, or just a loving family companion, we are sure that you will find it here. Pupvine is more than the average dog-related website. Vollmond Shepherds make excellent family dogs that are dedicated to their human pack especially small children. We are breeders that are very committed to producing the strongest genetics possible. Their GSD kennel is a four-acre facility that is equipped with a heating system and ventilation. We couldnt do it without them both! The last run here on the right has a covered flap dog door that leads to the fenced 50 x 50 dog yard. Website Designed By Almost Illegal Ads, Click the button below, select your image or zip file and attach it to this message! Welcome, and thank you for choosing Serenity Hill German Shepherds for your next puppy! Due to their loving temperaments and excellent guarding skills, German Shepherds have become one of Americas favorite family dogs. Aggressive German Shepherd dogs can often be seen in shelters, and they could be difficult to deal with. We are a small breeder, and we treat each of our dogs as pets. We also provide dogs for epileptic and diabetic detection, as well the hearing impaired. Black. Its price depends on the quality of the breeder and the breeding program. Colors we have include traditional black and tans, solid whites, solid blacks, and sables. Therefore, only the highest-quality West German showlines are offered at this kennel . The German Shepherd Dog is the right fit for me. I breed large, old-fashioned, straight-backed, German Shepherds with a special focus on health and temperament. I am a very small breeder, all my dogs live with me, in the house. They are first, and foremost, my beloved pets. Our Shepherds can be trained for a variety of public service needs. These reputable GSD breeders are focused on quality over quantity. Besides breeding amazing GSD bloodlines, White Star Kennel offers dog training, boarding, and grooming services. Location: 17813 Lincoln Rd, Harvard, IL 60033, United States. If you are interested in a puppy or have any questions. We have all seen it on TV, doing an incredible job as a K-9 search-and-rescue police dog. We plan to continue to stay small and breed quality dogs to provide excellent pups. In case you have any questions about owning a German Shepherd dog, or if you seek any advice, feel free to contact the Landschaft team. As you can see, there is a covered carport area with a concrete floor just outside the door. Take a look our litters page to see the most up-to-date information and to arrange a viewing of our puppies at our premises in Spring Grove, Illinois. Blue german shepherd puppies straight back we have a stunning litter of german shepherd puppies for sale who are ready to go at 8 weeks on 21st august mum dad have amazing temperaments very loving gentle intelligent and have been brought up aro. For example, a male GSD is bigger than a female; thus, needing more space and more food. This gives dogs and puppies shade on hot days and a dry place to be if a shower pops up. We're known as being one of the top German Shepherd breeders in the US - and we're happy to have sold our dogs to clients all across the country, from the state of Texas through to Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Arizona, Los Angeles and Florida. The great original german shepherds. WebHere at Star Shepherds, we are interested in the preservation and improvement of the original large boned, straight back German working-line dogs that originated in Europe. WebColor. While we all love celebrating the new year with our furry friends, fireworks can cause dogs to be anxious or fearful. They are located an hour drive from Chicago, so its pretty easy to get to them. It is more sanitary and can be pressure washed and thoroughly cleaned, whereas a wooden whelping box cannot. And this is in a central location, near our house and (as you can see in the distance) near our playground equipment. Compared to German shepherds with sloped backs, I write about dogs blog, straight back german shepherd puppies for sale near me. The Snowcloud Shepherds we breed have AKC pedigrees tracing back to Alices Khemo. Colors we have include traditional black and tans, solid whites, solid blacks, and sables. We specialize in: Family Companion Dogs; Therapy Dogs; Service Dogs for Veterans; Medical Detection Dogs; Here at Regis Regal German Unless otherwise stated, all photography on this site belongs exclusively to Michelle Brooks and Southern Legacy German Shepherds. We are a small breeder and each litter of pups is home raised. Moms are put into these runs for a little while several time during this outside time so they can still nurse pups as they wean them. At the left bottom of the counter, you will see a refrigerator/freezer. The reason behind this is that there are many unreputable German Shepherd breeders in Illinois. Are you thinking about reserving your new Mittelwest German Shepherd puppy? Before purchasing a German Shepherd puppy, you should also be aware that there are some differences in male and female German Shepherd dogs. Learn here! Our dogs are gentle and attentive and have dispositions perfect for family companionship or special needs. WebLarge Old-Fashioned Straight-Backed German Shepherds About Southern Legacy German Shepherds Thank you for considering Southern Legacy German Shepherds for your next Due to the fact that their German Shepherd dogs are very sought after, they recommend you reserve your puppy as soon as possible. WebGerman Shepherdsare working line dogs that are loyal, intelligent, and hardworking. Our German Shepherds have been adopted for livestock herding, guard or security work, police or military K9 units, search and rescue, guide or service animals, and family companions. One percent of our customers are not completely satisfied and have a These reputable breeders of German Shepherd dogs are located in Wonder Lake, Illinois. Their GSD puppies receive their first-year vaccinations, and all are backed with a lifetime health guarantee. To learn more about Serenity Hill please go to our About Us page! Please Text at 580.704.5191 to inquire or if wanting to place a Deposit If you are interested in a high-quality German Shepherd, please contact us today. This reputable breeder runs a German Shepherd kennel following the German Standard. We partner with VA hospitals to provide outstanding service dogs for U.S. veterans. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Click the button below, select your image or zip file and attach it to this message! But, before you search for a GSD puppy, try searching for a reputable breeder instead. 2 wolf mask $3000 available. Famous for its intelligence, agility, and performance, the German Shepherd dog made its way on many TV series, and into households and offices. My name is (Mitzi) Michelle Brooks. Common misspellings of the breed name are german sheppard german shepard german shephard german sheperd and german shepperd. There is so much more that this team has to offer. Your adoption includes an Official Ownership Registration packet from the American Kennel Club with your puppy's AKC Registration number, AKC Pedigree information, and breeding rights, if you have elected this option. ", "My family and I stopped in on memorial day unexpected not know what to expect. "I purchased my German Shepard from them when she was a puppy and she is now a beautiful, sweet tempered 4-year-old dog. The absolute dedication to character, nerves and clarity of mind, make Regis Regal Shepherds suitable for an unlimited array of tasks and service work; as well as the ultimate family companion dogs. Cindy Kelly loves to share her expertise on breeding, training and raising world class German Shepherds. We have 30 acres here, so there is plenty of room. A list of individual dogs accomplishments include Va Winnie, Va Ollie, V1 Saint and many dogs involved in the 6xwinner of the progeny group competition. The purebred German Shepherd puppy price in Illinois can range anywhere between $1,500 and $3500. As a result, most dog moms are exhausted and their puppies are unhealthy and weak. Find 280 german shepherd dogs puppies uk near me needing forever homes. Max von Stephanitz is often called the father of the German Shepherd breed. And when they are not here, our whole family (see my husband pictured above) pitches in to get the job done. I breed large, old-fashioned, straight-backed,German Shepherds with a special focus on health and temperament. WebWe have German Shepherd pups for sale, shown by appointment only. In sterling virginia. Our puppies are AKC straight-back German Shepherds bred for pets, protection and police work. Let me introduce you to our next GSD breeder Vom Ragnar German Shepherds. | Built by: BITS CORPS. Zella Is A Large Old Fashioned Straightback Silver Sable Female. The White Star Kennel GSD puppies are ready to leave for their new home when they reach eight weeks of age. Regis Regal is a national and international competitor, earning the highest rankings and respect in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany as well as other European countries. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Price of pups listed on each litter . While young puppies have their playtime in the outdoor dog runs, older puppies are turned out into the yard to exercise as well. Find german shepherd dogs and puppies for sale in the uk near me. This is usually the adoption price. To this day, German Shepherd breeders in Illinois continue to produce high-quality, showline, working dogs. We are a family owned breeder nestled in the hills of the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois. The price of a GSD puppy may also vary in case the breeder has imported the litter of puppies. This prevents any of our puppies from ever ending up in a pound. You can see these wonderful family dogs interacting with small children and other dogs. Our lines are low to medium drive which gives them a family style temperament and are easily trainable while still keeping their German Shepherd instinct to protect their homes and families. I mean, it takes a lot of mental and physical training to get into military work, police work, and search-and-rescue missions. Puppy mills are like puppy farms that aim to produce more puppies without paying attention to their health. We also make sure that they are microchipped wormed and flea treated before they are re homed. We built our kennel to AKC specifications in terms of run sizes, cleaning options (i.e., with a cleaning trough), and eight windows for a lot of natural light. Vollmond are passionate hobby breeders of German Shepherd dogs. Large in size smart healthy in mind and body best dog you ll ever own and best gsd in tx. When you meet her you will think she is 3 4 years old i retired her at 7 and she is my best watch dog and an awesome surrogate mom to my puppies. So, if you are thinking about getting your new GSD puppy, make sure to save some money for a quality grooming brush, as well as occasional visits to a professional dog groomer. In case you are far away, these reputable breeders offer to deliver your new GSD puppy to your address. We are very proud of our accomplishments. Besides producing healthy bloodlines that are cleared of hip and elbow diseases, My BodyGuard Dogs develops GSD puppies with impeccable appearances. Alongside the classic red German Shepherd color, Vom Ragnar also breeds black German Shepherd dogs! Being raised in such an environment, each German Shepherd puppy gets accustomed to different sounds, smells, and new people. Over 3 Decades of German Shepherd Breeding & Training, Lifetime Guarantees on Health & Temperament, We are known for our award-winning German Shepherd breeds throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, & Germany., NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL GERMAN SHEPHERD COMPETITOR. Then they move outside to the outdoor dog runs. These reputable breeders carefully select a prospective GSD owner in order to ensure that their wonderful puppy goes to a safe home. Whether they are spending time outdoors or indoors, there is never a dull moment in their doggie lives. Besides incredible temperaments, these German Shepherds come in various coat colors, from solid black to bi-coat color. Find all of the latest info on our puppies page. Here at Regis Regal German Shepherds we have over 30 years experience of breeding German Shepherds and providing a very high standard of dog training. Therefore, finding a good breeder of high-quality German Shepherd dogs poses quite a challenge. There is a full kitchen with sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, professional grooming tub and table, and a washer/dryer. WebWe are a family owned breeder nestled in the hills of the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois. Every dog lover has at least once thought about owning a mighty German Shepherd dog. We accept credit cards for payment. Regis Regal German Shepherds in Illinois has proudly been in the business of raising, training, and breeding of some of the finest German Shepherds in North America for 25 years. 5 males. WebAll they need in return is for your family to love and care for them for life. The German Shepherd is a large dog. Now that is a big dog! Whereas the latter is for dog shows and for adaptation for home. The German Shepherd Dog is the right fit for me. The German Shepherd puppies from White Star Kennel are born and raised in a clean, loving, and safe environment. All of our dogs come with a lifetime guarantee on health (contingent on meeting criteria stated in the contract. Our German Shepherds have been adopted for livestock Our dogs at Regis Regaltravel the world and are required to be outstanding examples of what the German Shepherd dog should be at its highest and finest levels in both temperament and anatomy. I carefully breed my dogs to maintain the integrity and quality of the breed, producing high quality animals with excellent pedigrees. We ensure that they are given a full health check from the vets at 4 and 8 weeks their 1 st vaccination bedding and puppy food. GSD puppies for sale. When she has time she publishes articles on the Regis Regal blog - you can find some of her most recent ones listed below. German Shepherd Breeders Illinois Listings German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Illinois Vom Ragnar German Shepherds Address 17813 Lincoln Rd, Harvard, IL 60033, United States Phone +1 773-552-0808 Website Mittelwest German Shepherds Address 8310 Howe Rd, Wonder Lake, IL 60097, United States Here are the core reasons. This intellegent and loyal group of HUGE AND COURAGEOUS STUDS never cease to amaze me and the puppies that they consitantly produce are top notch! So, what makes the best German Shepherd breeder in Illinois, you ask? I have tried different breeds, but always come back to what I know and love. Regis Regal, top German Shepherd breeder and service dogs provider in Chicago, detail the best German Shepherd grooming tips for warm weather. They are highly trainable, and most GSD owners say that there is nothing this dog cant learn! WebWe examine German Shepherd breeders in Illinois and puppy businesses in our network on Breeder Standards including background and experience, care and animal wellbeing, Regis Regal German Shepherds have also worked in many different areas of public service, such as patrol dogs, search and rescue dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, bomb detection, narcotic detection, and even arson dogs. 5 long haired german shepherd puppies for sale. If you live in Illinois, or even in another state, these GSD breeders will help you find the perfect German Shepherd puppy. German shepherd puppies for sale in milwaukee wisconsin old fashioned traditional large straight back working lines german shepherd breeder in milwaukee wisconsin of straight back german shepherd puppies working lines.

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