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It is the Companys policy to maintain a firearms and weapons free environment and prohibit the possession of firearms and weapons regardless of any license or permit that an individual may have which would otherwise authorize the individual to carry firearms or weapons. Following a separation or divorce and award of the membership as contemplated hereby, the spouse awarded the membership shall have the right to determine which Immediate Family Members will be permitted to use the Club Facilities under the membership. Club West Sapphire Family members receive complimentary childcare for children registered on the Family membership. Each member is responsible to book his or her own court reservations and may make only one reservation at a time. The Club will not be responsible for any member taking photos or making social media posts about with or about other members. If a child has any type of discharge from their eyes or nose for any reason, he/she is required to stay home until these have subsided. Some membership tiers and categories vary by location. Golf Replay Guideline Golf is a game of concentration. Thanks!). Unacceptable behavior, and/or any deliberate action that is extreme in nature and is obviously detrimental to The Bay Clubs efforts to fulfill its mission or purpose, will not be permitted in the Club, and can lead to suspension or termination of Club membership. The Club has the right to suspend membership privileges until ownership of the membership has been determined and the Club has received written notice thereof and the appropriate documentation. Carts are never to be driven onto the course past restraining ropes. Executive Club Individual to Executive Club Couple). Golf is more fun when played without delay. The teaching area, however, will be open to all levels. If a Camp is cancelled, you will be refunded 100% to your original form of payment. To avoid any possible confusion, however, some of the more obvious unacceptable behaviors are noted below: Negligence or any careless action that endangers the life or safety of another person. Please refrain from conversing on speaker phone or FaceTime in public gathering spaces. Cutoff shorts are not permitted. We ask that you follow the instructors routine, as classes are a group activity. Wed like to invite you to visit a club so we can learn about what matters most to you and so you can discover what its like to be a part of our unique community. Retaliation for reporting harassment or threatening to report harassment. These areas are designed to be tranquil environments. Golf Reservations Swim Teams are offered at several locations year-round and are open for children ages 518. Once they pass, theyll receive a wristband that they must wear in and around the pool, indicating that they are water safe. Members must complete the nanny/au pair application and agreement. A member may book one tee time per day (up to four players). Guests will receive dated single-use bag tags with the same color designation as their host, so that they will receive corresponding benefits. We may adopt guidelines applicable to a single club. To downgrade your membership within the same tier or to a new category, one calendar months notice is required. Avoid loud, distracting conversations on the golf range. Criminal activities will normally be referred to authorities for legal action. For the safety and enjoyment of all members, please follow all other rules and regulations posted and ensure that your choice of swimwear is appropriate for all members. We are aware that emergencies occur and that sometimes life has a way of disrupting our plans, so weve written our Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy to be as accommodating as possible. We expect our members to ensure they and their guests adhere to the dress code so that our associates need not give any reminders. All members have three-day advance booking access for select classes. Transferable memberships may not be transferred except as follows: 1. Guest passes will be available in your Bay Club Connect account. Any illegal activity, crime, or grossly negligent act committed on TBCC property. Grossly negligent is defined as that which falls outside the actions of a prudent person in the same or similar situation. The Bay Club is ideally located just off Cape Cod along the SouthCoast of Massachusetts. Only a few choice golf and wooded homesites left! If the Club is uncertain as to who should receive a refund, if any, associated with a membership, the Club in its discretion may file an interpleader action or similar type action and thereby deposit the refund amount into the registry of a court of competent jurisdiction for the court to determine who is entitled to the refund without recourse to the Club. (Though we still ask that children are supervised at all times). CLUB WEST SAPPHIRE BENEFITS TERMS & CONDITIONS, CLUB WEST DIAMOND FAMILY TERMS & CONDITIONS. The Childrens Center will not administer any medications or apply topical ointments to diaper rashes, although parents are welcome to come during the reservation time and do so. Excessive no-shows may result in a 30-day suspension of court booking privileges. All Golfers: Denim jeans, athletic shorts, non-golf fitness attire and sweat clothes are not allowed on the golf course. The Bay Club. Log in or create an account by providing your member ID and the last name on your membership. A service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability; the task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the persons disability. Please contact the clubhouse For membership rates & information. Swimsuits and bare feet are not allowed on the courts. The obligation to pay dues is not dependent on the availability of all the Clubs facilities or the members frequency of use. Once they have hit their tee shots, the group on the green should proceed with putting out. Members ages 1213 are allowed to use the Fitness equipment if they are under direct adult supervision and have taken our Teen Training Safety Course. Reservations for additional same-day hours can be made at the rate of $30 per hour. The Childrens Center relies on each familys thoughtful assessment of their childs health to keep our community strong. The length of The Bay Club At Mattapoisett is 7008 yards. Club West Sapphire Family Members have the ability to add on adult children or their parent(s) or spouses parent(s) to their membership. The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Guests of a Club West Sapphire member, including members who are booked via an advance reservation, qualify for a 25 percent discount on green fees. All members and guests must attach their bag tags to their bags and ensure that they are clearly displayed at all times. In tennis, while the next group of players is waiting during final game, no-ad scoring should be used. Please include the Ray ID (which is at the bottom of this error page). Please report all cart damage to the golf shop associate. Squirt guns are limited to what is available in The Shop; hard balls (e.g., tennis balls) and Frisbees are not allowed in and around the pools. What are the course conditions at The Bay Club At Mattapoisett? Summer Kids Camp benefits are valid for any children who are active on a Club West Sapphire Family membership. Please notify the Childrens Center of any contagious conditions contracted by your child (e.g., lice, chicken pox). Club West Diamond and Platinum members who receive a slot by submitting their name to the list will receive their respective discounts. Please label all items. Shirts without collars must have sleeves. Protected Tee Times and Tee Times Reservations Parents will be notified if their child becomes ill or if they show any of the above symptoms. They also apply to your conduct during its programs, training, events or other Bay Club-sponsored activities off the premises (events). In some instances, governmental laws may establish different requirements applicable to certain clubs that may not be outlined here. The Bay Club is a. The Club will not become involved in any domestic or other dispute concerning ownership or issuance of a membership and does not have any liability or responsibility for resolution of such disputes. Additional troubleshooting resources. Location . If you need to update your email address, please visit Please refer to Club West Sapphire section for more information. Active members will receive monthly rounds of golf, based on your membership tier, as follows: Golf rounds will be available in your Bay Club Connect account. The sauna, steam room, and whirlpool spa (where applicable) are available to members and guests over the age of 16 and have specific rules regarding their use posted in corresponding areas. There's plenty of challenge on this par 71 Brad Faxon/Brad Booth design. In the decree of divorce, the Club has the right to suspend membership privileges until ownership of the membership has been determined and the Club has received written notice thereof and the appropriate documentation. This membership entitles the holder to access and charging privileges at a single club. Advance reservation windows are as follows: Club West Sapphire: 14-day advance bookings (includes exclusive access to protected tee times up to 48 hours in advance), Club West Diamond: 9-day advance bookings (does not include protected tee times), Club West Platinum: 5-day advance bookings (does not include protected tee times), Club West Gold: 4-day advance bookings (does not include protected tee times), Executive Club and Campus memberships: 3-day advance bookings, where applicable (does not include golf; court bookings may not apply at all clubs), Single Site memberships: 2-day advance bookings, where applicable (does not include golf; court bookings may not apply at all clubs). Existing members are not permitted to use the Club as a guest while on a Leave of Absence or suspended status. Our decision on all questions regarding construction or interpretation of these guidelines is final. For instance, if your request is submitted and confirmed in January, the month of February is counted as your months notice and your membership would be terminated effective in March. If you are upgrading to a higher membership category or to a transferable membership, you will be charged the difference in the initiation fee between the membership categories. Consequently, all those on or near the course and practice areas should have their cell phone ringers turned off. Any Transferable Fee member may terminate at will his, her, or its membership at The Bay Club by delivering to the home clubs office a written resignation and application for Transfer of Membership. Discounts During Protected Tee Times Additional prime time courts may be booked up to four days in advance. For transferable memberships, moving between Club West membership categories will restart the 24-month vesting period. Riding Carts Dues will not be reduced or suspended during the time when facilities are unavailable. Club West Sapphire: Complimentary sports reservations for golf, tennis, and squash, Club West Diamond: Complimentary sports reservations for golf, tennis, and squash (does not include protected tee time when the guest of a Club West Sapphire member), Club West Platinum: Access to and 25% off golf reservations before 2:00 pm, golf reservations are complimentary after 2 pm. Anyone driving a cart must have a valid drivers license. When ownership of the membership has been determined, written notice thereof and the relevant documentation shall be promptly delivered to the Club. Certain club-use restrictions apply. All fields required unless otherwise noted.By providing your physical address, we can better tailor your Bay Club experience and make sure you enjoy all the amenities in the campus closest to you. Club West Diamond Family members receive up to two weeks of complimentary Summer Kids Camp per membership. Complimentary childcare will be provided at all Bay Club locations featuring childcare facilities. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7c06266aba5133ee Outdoor showers are available at all outdoor pool locations. Physical conduct such as assault, unwanted touching, or blocking normal movement. Overall, very pleased and highly recommend to those looking for a full featured country club lifestyle. The Bay Club Company offers the following types of membership tiers and categories that are subject to change from time to time in the sole discretion of Bay Clubs. Any current family members in the same membership may stay in the family membership. This membership is defined as one primary member, 21 years or older, who may add up to 5 additional members, without the limitation of needing to live in the same household. The Junior membership is available at select Bay Club properties and certain club-use restrictions may apply. Mens and Boys Golf Attire: All golf shirts must have a collar or be golf specific sportswear. The Member expressly agrees that all use of the club facilities, exercise equipment, exercise machines, courts and any transportation provided by the Club is undertaken by the member or members guest at his/her sole risk. The yoga rooms are available for private practice when classes are not in session. Upon arriving at the Club, all members must check in at the Front Desk for each visit. It is the responsibility of each member and guest to play his or her round in a fast and orderly manner. When this happens, we ask that you give us a call 24 hours prior to your reservation, so that we may allow another member to take advantage of your reservation space. excellent course. The Bay Club also offers a host of modern amenities including a large practice facility, an 85 yard two-tiered green short game facility and a Himalayas-sytle complementary practice green.

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