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When I arrive, Judge Soud and the lawyers are already arguing a foreclosure case; at a break in the action, I slip into the chamber with a legal-aid attorney whos accompanying me and sit down. Its the same names over and over. $31,907 Total Contributions. I should have never been in this position. I respect him and like him and he actually tries to follow the law, the anonymous Broward defense lawyer said. Andrea's ethical standards are a cut above the rest. The foreclosure lawyers down in Jacksonville had warned me, but I was skeptical. Forget about Dem vs Rep, vote for people who are responsible and care about YOU!! Some even borrowed knowing they would never be able to pay off their debt, either hoping to flip their houses right away or taking on mortgages with low initial teaser rates without bothering to think of the future. It has been 16 years of nightmares and uncertainty. Ill wait. (the Federal Task Force) wants to hear from victims that suspect foreclosure fraud, my foreclosure and eviction is currently under investigation. The report states, The banks reckless greed left millions of properties with mortgages and promissory notes corrupted and the chain of title on those properties broken, putting trial judges in the uncomfortable position of either taking the banking industry to task for these forged documents or kicking a family out of their home. To our knowledge, no error was demonstrated in any case that went to sale, Bailey said in her statement. 33307, Broward foreclosure Judge Andrea Gundersen is running for reelection with the motto experience matters.. 0:51. Heres what the two Group 9 candidates said qualified them to don the black robe. One of the bench warmers present today is Mark Kessler, who works for a number of lenders and giant foreclosure mills, including the one run by David J. Stern, a gazillionaire attorney and all-Universe asshole who last year tried to foreclose on 70,382 homeowners. Some borrowed beyond their means. For additional information, please visit our website ( Disgraced and Disbarred: Why Are Former Judges and Lawyers Working as Mediators in Our Courts? Thats why one banker CEO after another keeps going on TV to explain that despite their own deceptive loans and fraudulent paperwork, the real problem is these deadbeat homeowners who wont pay their fucking bills. Citigroup, for instance, had 29 percent of its loans come up short, but it still sold a third of those mortgages to investors. You should see the originating lender (a firm like Countrywide) selling the loan to the next entity in the chain (perhaps Goldman Sachs) to the next (maybe JP Morgan), with the actual note being transferred each time. When you vote for a city commissiIoner, PLEASE, PLEASE do yourr homework, ESPECIALLYI IN THE CITY OF MARCGATE. The process servers cover up the crime using the same tactic as the lenders, saying they lost the original summons. Gundersen is the worse judge to wear the robe in Broward County since. As we get the pandemic under control, the federal government will be under increased pressure from the banking industry to lift theFHFA moratoriumfor federally-backed mortgages from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I have finally received a response to my BSO EVICTION ORDERED BY GUNDERSEN, for copies REQUIRED for BSO to evict homeowners. What do you have to lose?. An attorney for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid tells me that out of the hundreds of cases she has handled, fewer than five involved no phony paperwork. Thank You for fighting for our Constitutional Rights! She has been referred to JQC, asking that she be removed from the bench. The people deserve justice, a retrial and have an unbiased judge to hear their defense! Stunningly hypocritical-the instant misconduct is beyond the pale, different not simply in degree but in kind. I was the victim of Robo-stamper in Colorado and had so much evidence against Chase (WaMu loan) they left me alone and although they tried, they never foreclosed. After she has been in Broward Circuit Court for almost six years, Gundersens track record is grist for accusations that shes so biased toward lenders lawyers, she lets them turn fraudulent papers into foreclosure judgments. It was Buffetts vice chairman, Charles Munger, who recently told America that it should thank God that the government bailed out banks like the one he invests in, while people who have fallen on hard times that is, homeowners like Shawnetta Cooper should suck it in and cope.. Video: Bob Graham on Unanswered Questions of 9/11, Judge Gundersen ignores tainted bank documents to justify foreclosures Attorney Motion News, Judge Gundersen ignores tainted bank documents to justify foreclosures - Florida Bulldog | Bible Prophecy In The Daily Headlines, Broward judge ignores tainted bank documents to justify foreclosures, watchdog report charges | Livinglies's Weblog, Judge Gundersen ignores tainted bank documents to justify foreclosures - Florida Bulldog - - Daily Tips and Articles, please make your tax-deductible contribution today. She sits down and takes a quick look around at the lawyers who are here to kick her out of her home. This judge would not hear the case. Forward-looking statements involve a number of assumptions, risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. I filed a JQC complaint but they said We decline to investigate Gundersen. So its surprising that many lawyers have attached their names publicly to Alpersteins, either through joining her 181-person host committee or by openly funding her campaign. The notion that a judge would try to prevent any citizen, much less a member of the media, from watching an open civil hearing sounded ridiculous. After orchestrating one of the largest consumer frauds in American history, the banking industry continues the unethical and illegal servicing and foreclosure practices that were uncovered during the robo-signing scandal which eventually led to the $25b settlement with 49 State Attorneys General in 2012. And lets overlook entirely the fact that the judge cant spell the word cited. Copyright 2023 ALM Global, LLC. The second reason the whole they still owe the fucking money thing is bogus has to do with the changed incentives in the mortgage game. I think she just follows the law and wherever that falls is where it falls, Angione said. The key here isnt this individual judge its the notion that these hearings are not and should not be entirely public. I lost the securitization chain on my loan after it was sold (and the bank was paid off). Judges like Gunderson who DONT play by the rules, should not only be removed from the bench, but disbarred as well! Coopers case perfectly summarizes what the foreclosure crisis is all about. Billionaire Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway fund, which happens to be a major shareholder in Wells Fargo. Because they are setting up for it all over again with massive illegal foreclosures. Any judge who takes advantage of pro se litigants, and allows lawyers to do the same to unrepresented parties, cannot be trusted and must be kicked off the bench. We made it for 12 years fighting this shit until we gave up the house my in-laws built and died in. Andrea Ruth Gundersen - Florida Candidate - Transparency USA. Our forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made and, we disclaim any obligation to update or revise forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. The monster in the foreclosure crisis has no face and no brain. LIT aint about to sit back and watch that happen. Tradition and comfort in this 3* ground floor apartment of an old farm, in a mountain village, change of scenery guaranteed! Asked by Florida Bulldog to delegate someone to speak for her, Gundersen tapped Kathleen Angione, a Pompano Beach lawyer who represents clients in foreclosure court. The loans couldnt already be in default or foreclosure at the time they were sold to investors. While some of the unethical practices regarding origination were curbed after the settlement, unethical servicing and fraudulent foreclosures continue to plague homeowners. Our second option allows you to build your bundle and strategically select the content that pertains to your needs. HI everyone! Many people who are being foreclosed on have actually paid their bills and followed all the instructions laid down by their banks. It quickly becomes apparent that Kessler is barely acquainted with the names in the files, much less the details of each case. Both options are priced the same. Because if you see one of these scams, you see them all. She is a disgrace of a person! We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Monika was arrested by the US MARSHALLS in October 2022, she just amped up her game quite a bit. We are disappointed that settlement discussions with the CFPB did not resolve this matter, in particular since we have resolved all state regulatory actions filed against Ocwen in April 2017, most recently through a settlement reached with the State of Florida in October 2020. The report by the nonprofit Floridians for Honest Lending (FHL) targets robo-signing, the discredited and illegal practice of treating foreclosure papers like assembly line goods. During her first three years on the Broward Circuit Court bench, Gundersen handled divorce and child-custody cases. But yet I still lost my home through the fraud because the judge is corrupt. Its meEdward Crespo, the pro se litigant who HOLDS THE RECORD in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court for DISQUALIFYING the MOST circuit and county court judgesEIGHTso far! She has been referred to JQC, asking that she be removed from the bench. Discover the most beautiful places, download GPS tracks and follow the top routes itinerary on a map. The space would just about fit a fridge and a pingpong table. Kowalskis current case before Judge Soud is a perfect example. Tuter said hes unaware of any problems involving questionable mortgage paperwork, but this issue did arise some years ago during the foreclosure crisis. The Corporate Hose attacks foreclosure defence so the homeowner has no representation to protect their property up against the corporate beast. Find me. We cannot continue to allow fraud in our justice system for the convenience of the banking industry and at the expense of homeowners American Dream. Could happen to anyone. My apologies the correct email address for SIGTARP is: Worst judge in broward county history. In this divorce case, Gundersen violated family laws, (she has no family law experience) and conducted an illegal hearing, and banned me (dec 2019) from the 17th circuit, denying me my civil rights to represent myselfpro-seand sided with Jeffrey Miller, opposing attorney, who filed a fraudulent petition in my absence, (Nov 2011), that bankrupted me financially that drove into poverty. The bias of the Judiciary NATIONWIDE against homeowners in support of THEIR OWN BANK STOCK HOLDINGS HAS BEEN SHOW TO BE CANCER IN THIS COUNTRY!

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