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here, with his second wife of 20 years, Linda Shelton, whom At that time, Brandy was pregnant, apparently by a man other than her husband, because she gave birth to Trinity just 4 months later (February 26, 2000), and gave Trinity the last name Murray. Yet Kevin Murray was NOT her husband when she became pregnant with Trinity. That letter is dated June 16, 2004. I give up trying to reason with you. This is quite intriguing since 3ABN appears to have a preference for calm, conversational preaching, and Danny Shelton's on-screen persona seems to plead, "Can't we all just get along?" However, if this were an audio book, you might not want to be too close to the speakers. From: Lorraine Day View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. It appears that if someone does not believe as you would like them to believe, that you just keep saying the same thing over and over and over again - in hopes that the person will decide that you must be right. Come rejoice with us! There are at least two major problems with that accusation by Danny against Linda: 1. Brandi was baptised at the same time as Melody's daughter---Fall 2005 3ABN Campmeeting. By definition, according to the Bible and the Seventh-day Adventist church, that makes Danny Shelton the adulterer. But one very important factor was documented: Both Danny and Brandy kept the child hidden, and kept all identification information about the child secret. Since my trip to Southern Illinois on April 28, 2009, and my return on April 29 after collecting the DNA samples from Danny and Brandy Shelton and a child identified to me as Trinity Murray, I have had to travel to Texas and to Washington, D.C. plus try to catch up on my work when I have returned home from each trip. Genetic Profiles 3abn danny shelton and yvonne lewis marriedprince fred khalifa net worth. Then you are admitting that Brandy was living in the West Frankfort area in 2000. In addition, according to Illinois law, it is against the law to tape a phone conversation between two people unless BOTH people know it and approve it. It is sad to say that Danny Shelton has not even settled the financial portion of his divorce with Linda, his second wife, five years after he divorced her, and now his third wife, Brandy, apparently has left him, according to a source who is in a position to know. Don't you think Linda would know or any other worker at 3ABN would know if Brandy ever worked there before 2004? his brother Tommy Shelton was arrested (Her other daughters name is Jody, who is probably named after Brandys twin sister - now deceased). It makes no sense. Danny Shelton had no grounds, Biblically, to divorce Linda and remarry in the SDA church. It was not a secret to her. We can workout the whens and whereass also. If you can prove that Brandy (the now Brandy Shelton) worked with you while you were at 3ABN during any years prior to my divorceI'll give you $100,000! It is abundantly clear that there is NO evidence that Linda Shelton committed adultery with anyone at anytime during her marriage to Danny Shelton. As I have stated below, I worked with Brandy at 3ABN in June of 1999 when I was there doing some television spots for 3ABN. Isnt there something wrong with that picture? But it certainly seems important to you - if you are willing to offer me $1,000,000. 3ABN's You have committed an egregious and horrible mistake in firing Linda Shelton from her position as Vice President of 3ABN. When Dannys mother, Goldie, was found to have inoperable cancer (her abdomen was opened up and closed up by the surgeons because she was full of cancer), Danny called me right away. In fact, Walter Thompson has admitted that he has never had any evidence of adultery against Linda Shelton. One of the companies needed another piece of information to complete their data before they sent out the results. In fact it was just the opposite. Why? I have no axe to grind. I grimaced, and told her in no uncertain terms that neither Chik juice nor any kind of meat substitute was allowed on the Health Plan. It hurts you and sets you up to believe other falsehoods that Satan wants you to believe. Danny purportedly sold his former home to new president Jim Gilley for $295,000, and began construction on new property nearby. Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 11:51 AM I will do that when I receive the test results from both DNA testing laboratories. So, it's my life that is at stake. Updated 6/22/2011 I found the website that had the forty AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accredited DNA testing centers and picked one that was quite close to where I live. Sunshine of your love notes; This is in contrast with the hope channel, which is the official. What would be his motivation for trying to extort $10,000.00 from me, if it wasnt outright greed? But there is PUBLIC evidence that Brandy not only committed adultery and became pregnant with her second child by another man while she was married to Shawn Brannack, but also that her first child was born out of wedlock, the sin of fornication, according to the Bible. Why would you assume that I meant something else? According to public records, her divorce from Kevin Murray occurred just a little over 3 weeks before her supposed arrival at 3ABN. If you don't want me to let anyone else listen to it, I won't. Who IS the father of Trinity Murray? Or as I said before, since you eliminated - within a month's time - ALL traces of Linda's 20 years or so of working (and co-founding) 3ABN, why couldn't Brandy's work papers be removed as well? In 2008, Walker went to law enforcement in Virginia, where there is no statute of limitations on sexual abuse allegations. I then asked if the woman had committed physical adultery with another man, and he answered, No. I asked, Does the wife still want to be married to her husband? Danny Sheltons answer was, No. But I later found out that last answer by Danny was not true! Why would Danny Shelton waste that money getting secretly tested if he knew he was not the father of Trinity? Sometime between 2004 and 2006, I heard that Danny was going with a woman named Brandy. 3ABN Radio Network. Schedule J of that filing, on page 33 I have even heard that some at 3ABN have said, God talks to Danny Shelton, and Danny Shelton talks to us. You seem to think that if you tell me enough times that I could NOT have worked with Brandy at that time, that I may start believing you. On Dec 21, 2008, at 11:13 PM, Danny Shelton wrote: Lorraine, Wouldnt she already know that she is the mother of Trinity? When one of the kits was opened, it was found that the laboratory had sent one envelope marked father and two envelopes marked Child with no envelope marked mother. Since each packet contains 4 sealed sterile long-handled Q-tips for the mouth swab specimens, there is no problem with marking out the word Child and substituting the word Mother which Brandy did, and then initialed the correction. 6. But that was not the case with this child. The document appeared to have been crumpled up and thrown into the trash - and possibly later retrieved straightened out somewhat, and signed. A different picture or signature can be superimposed on any document, something that would completely invalidate it. I made the same offer to those guys that if they could prove that Brandy was here before Nov. 2004, or that she spent anytime at 3ABN prior to Nov. of 2004 I would give them $10,000! I'll do better than that. I will swear that before God. Ladies, I ask you, if after being married to your husband for 18 years - when you are now approaching the age when you will no longer be able to become pregnant - your husband, 1) gets a vasectomy, 2) buys a body-building gym and begins working out regularly trying to become buff, and, 3) moves his toiletries out of the bathroom he has shared with you for years, into another bathroom, with no explanation what would YOU think was going on? Right? 3ABN Proclaim! He is also suggesting that I chose an unaccredited lab to save money. Both labs I chose are fully accredited by the AABB, the acknowledged accrediting agency. That's not the kind of "bargain" an innocent man would try to negotiate. But it is publicly known that YOU - PERSONALLY - were calling around looking for housing for Brandy and her two children in August of 2004 - just 2 months after you had divorced your wife and had her fired from 3ABN in June of 2004. I asked Danny to have each person bring the two required pieces of U.S. government approved Identification (usually a passport and a government issued I.D. I did not come up with that. Obviously Brandy would know that she is the mother of Trinity. In addition, I was not allowed to take fingerprints of Trinity nor of Danny or Brandy. Brandy filed for divorce in Tampa, Florida. Another subject: I'll let that one rest. So far, I am totally healthy and strong as an ox. Instead Danny handed me Xeroxed copies of the documents (a picture of one page of the passports for Danny and Brandy and Trinity, and Drivers licenses for Danny and Brandy). Christine Yates You are unmovable and yet you are so wrong. Lorraine Day, M.D. of the PDF, Yvonne made her film debut in the 1919 comedy short Wild Flowers. I guess I should just let you believe what you want as you are as bad as Joy and Pickle in making claims YOU CANNOT PROVE. If I offer you $1,000,000 if you can prove that Brandy was at 3ABN and worked with you prior to Nov. 2004, would that encourage you to gather truth from present and former workers at 3ABN? Danny asked me to help his mother learn to follow Gods Health Plan in order to get well, as I had, something that Goldie eventually and unfortunately decided not to do. I know youre not coming because you know that I am not the father of Trinity. He repeated this litany so many times that I became fatigued with it. Burden of proof on Lorraine. Linda wanted very much to remain married to Danny at that time and couldnt figure out why he was behaving so strangely. Have you asked Linda if Brandy worked there before we were divorced. I have to get her consent since it is her daughter but I don't see that as a problem especially when I can let her know that you will be paying us $10,000 to see the results that I am not the father. The filing seemingly couldn't have come at a worse time for Danny Shelton, since This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. I guess the State of Illinois is Danny Sheltons god and yours. There are also two witnesses who have knowledge of Danny Shelton looking for housing for Brandy, and purchasing a washer and dryer for Brandy, many months before November of 2004, the month Danny says he first met Brandy as an adult. where's the proof? The following e-mails were sent in December of 2008 and were the beginning discussions that led to my going to Southern Illinois on April 29, 2009 to collect the DNA specimens. Here's what's wrong with your deceiving yourself. She gives all praise to God for His favor and mercy in her life. I was not allowed to take her picture, or take her fingerprints, or to examine her identification documents directly. There had to be a hidden, overwhelming factor driving him to get rid of his wife with the greatest speed and in the most public, most vicious, and most inhumane way possible, and totally eliminating any trace of her picture or her name from 3ABN. If Linda called the other person by name at any time, I was not allowed to hear that. So, Walter Thompson and all you other Board members, tell me and tell the world WHY did you fire Linda Shelton from her position as Vice President of 3ABN? Where is your obligation to pursue truth? case has dragged on for years, Danny being reticent to disclose and share the Since 1991 or so, I have been a guest a number of times on 3ABN. (Please see a copy of that letter below.). When a person is a witness to an accident, they testify as to what they saw. It certainly makes no sense, unless the marriage is over, for a wife to move a thousand miles away from her husband to go to beauty school, particularly when beauty school is available where they have been living. In addition, I had no idea in, at first, that Brandy had any children. There is no legitimate reason for them to do so. Another source saw a moving van at the Shelton door on Thursday, July 9, 2009. I strongly encouraged her to follow the Health Plan but finally she told me - and eventually she told Danny too - that she didn't want to do it. Subject: Re: From Lorraine Day. On May 19, 2009, at 2:28 PM, Christine Yates wrote: I had a question I forgot to ask. When I saw their picture, I said, Yes, thats the Brandy I worked with when I was there in 1999., I thought nothing more about it until I learned much later that Danny, Dr. Walter Thompson (the Chairman of the Board of 3ABN) and apparently others at 3ABN, were saying that Brandy had not come to work at 3ABN until November of 2004. No one has a biblical right to accuse me of something without proof. DNA testing Agreement wadded up and thrown away? I have a copy of Thompson's letter to Linda in which she was notified that she was fired. He held to that demand for many weeks. Well, if Brandy has a right to be angry she should turn her anger either on herself for willingly signing the DNA testing agreement in the first place, or on Danny, as he is the one who brought up the subject of the paternity of Trinity. By AT News Team, August 6, 2015: With the retirement of Pastor Jim Gilley on July 20, Danny Shelton was again appointed president of Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN). (Please see e-mails below.) I say apparently because the signature on the DNA testing agreement that is alleged to be Brandys looks very different from her signature on the license of her marriage to Kevin Murray, her second husband, and different from her signature on her passport. No matter how strongly I told him I WAS coming, he kept at it over and over again until I made only a simple response: Ill see you in Thompsonville on April 29.. All I know is that I worked with Brandy at that time. 3. Please notice that I did NOT bring it up. Program Code Duration Description . Danny has very deep pockets. The IRS states that in order for a parent to claim a child as a deduction on his or her income tax, the child must have a Social Security number. As I stated, I paid for all of my own expenses to go to Southern Illinois to collect the DNA specimens, and I am personally paying for all the DNA testing. I was just referring to the fact that Brandy was pregnant and apparently not married at the time, and that would be a touchy situation for her to be working in a Christian institution that does not condone pregnancies out of wedlock, and that would have been a probable reason that she would have quit - back in 1999 or whatever year she became pregnant. Danny shelton had no grounds, biblically, to divorce linda and remarry in the sda church. I purposely did not open the DNA testing packets until we were all together so I could not be accused of tampering with the sample-testing equipment. So what if Brandy worked at 3ABN in 1999 or 2000?! Yvonne Shelton was born on June 18, 1900 in New York City. This past weekend, during the anniversary celebration broadcast for 3ABN Russia, it was announced that 3ABN founder Danny Shelton has married Yvonne Lewis (director of the 3ABN Dare to Dream network). But assuming the child tested was in fact Trinity Murray, then a number of extremely troubling questions remain, questions that raise huge red flags regarding the integrity of Danny Shelton: Because even they when they have made big statements.then investigated farther. suddenly became silent and didn't press the issue any more. Once again you are wrong. Walker's lawyer, Jeff Herman, of Miami, said Shelton commuted to 3ABN from his home in Kentucky for the purpose of abusing Walker, which Herman believes makes the civil suit a federal case. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. It the child presented for testing really IS Trinity Murray, and Danny Shelton is NOT her father, then why all the secrecy? It would be her final film. During the conversation, Danny refused to meet with Linda with or without me present and said that Linda actually owed him money in the divorce. Danny Shelton and 3ABN have thus far chosen not to honor that request. There are still major questions left unanswered about this DNA testing episode, in addition to the even bigger question as to WHY a husband - Danny Shelton - who claimed to love his wife, Linda, would falsely accused her of both spiritual adultery (whatever that is) and physical adultery, would destroy her reputation publicly, would have her fired from her job of 18 years, would tell her within about 4 weeks of his first false accusation against her that he wanted her out of his house, would divorce her in a Quickie Guam divorce less than 3 months after his first false accusation against her, and order 3ABN employees to remove Lindas name from every television program, every document, and every other nook and cranny at 3ABN within one month of the time she was fired and divorced by Danny? Save 3ABN has obtained Is THAT the kind of thing you want covered by a Silence Agreement? Beans are relatively high in protein and a sick person has difficulty digesting them, plus they often produce gas and bloating that can cause great discomfort and the inability to eat. On Dec 23, 2008, at 9:35 PM, Danny Shelton wrote: Lorraine, Lookup by program series/episodes of 3abn programs for download and viewing. PDF posted here which contains Brandy's divorce filing, The parties acknowledge that the Husband had a home which he was awarded pursuant to his agreement The cost is the same. And, as I said in my last e-mail, your plans began LONG BEFORE Linda ever met the doctor. In May of 2000, three months after the birth of Trinity, Brandy married Kevin Murray, (marriage certificate) who is now, or has been, in jail as a drug offender (cocaine and marijuana) according to public records. I don't have to prove what I witnessed myself. Why? To: Danny Shelton In the interview, Danny explained that he feels it's time for him to slow down, but maintained that he isn't quitting altogether (Get More Info) The tape only recorded Lindas voice. Whether Linda knew Brandy worked there at that time is irrelevant. Once final, it will mark the end of the third marriage for each. But he did. She is a naturopathic doctor, was a Board certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has a Master's degree in Social Work, and has authored several books. USA, Special Message from Adventist World Church President Regarding Coronavirus, Adventists Welcome Renewed U.S. Focus on Global Tragedy of Blasphemy and Apostasy Laws, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Staff, Queen of Tonga Attends Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, Venezuelan Migrants to Brazil to Receive $600,000 in Aid, In Mozambique, ADRA Fights COVID-19 with Hygiene Kits, Seeds, and Radio Ads, Rachel Cabose, Adventist Development and Relief Agency. I was not allowed to see her stand up by herself. Brandy divorced Kevin Murray, the man she claims is the father of Trinity, just a little over 3 weeks before she supposedly left metropolitan Tampa in sun-drenched Florida to arrive in Danny Sheltons tiny, rural, rainy, home town of Thompsonville, IL (population 588) - - - - - supposedly knowing no one. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. And he is the one who offered to be DNA tested but only if I would put up $10,000.00. In addition, there are other events that took place in April and August of 2004, and even before, that strongly suggest that Danny knew Brandy much earlier than announced in fact, long before her supposed November, 2004 arrival. She told me that he would negotiate a settlement for her but he wanted 15% commission. Why has Danny, at every turn, tried to silence Linda and others - with Silence Agreements? If and when I receive the consent form, I will send it on to Danny and Brandy to sign. At Lindas request, I even agreed to go to Southern Illinois and sit down with both of them to try to help them work out a settlement. Lorraine, she never proved that to you. Danny Shelton, Yvonne Lewis-Shelton 3ABN at Altamonte Springs SDA Christmas 2018 Tiffany Rose 28 subscribers Subscribe 2.6K views 4 years ago Danny Shelton - Founder of 3ABN with. 0:00 / 55:45 3ABN Today - Music with Danny and Friends (TDY017006) Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) 339K subscribers Subscribe 1.7K 132K views 5 years ago Join us for this special. The Actual Lawsuit Burden of proof on Linda. 2008 Form 990 filed with the IRS, and not signed until January 15, 2010, that language Danny Shelton 3ABN Founder & Corporate Consultant. I love to run away, on the spur of the moment. p. 3 at Table 1). If you are really so sure of yourself that you think there is no room for error in your belief that you worked with Brandy then I am through communicating with you because obviously you believe that you already have all the truth. I think this is a great idea. Am I going to receive a copy of the testing results? Brandy and Danny watched as every specimen was placed in the container, then one of them personally sealed every container. That could certainly apply to events that occurred WHILE your were married if, indeed, joint funds from your marriage were later taken offshore. them to cease and desist from providing trust instruments to Join Danny Shelton and Yvonne Lewis-Shelton for an enlightening interview with Seventh-day Adventist World Church president Elder Ted Wilson and his wife Nancy. Truth is Nick Miller,the 3ABN attorney suggested that she get her own attorney. But again, my traveling to Southern Illinois to obtain the DNA test specimens has raised more questions than it has answered. Then she said, Well then, I want some Bean Juice. Again, I asked what she meant by Bean Juice. She explained that it is the juice from the cooking of beans, something she liked to drink it. Yours truly, I just asked him if he was willing to document with DNA testing what he claimed to be true. Nine-year olds want to be "grown up" - not carried around like a baby. Why was I not allowed to photograph, fingerprint, or examine the identification documents for this child? That will all come out in due time. Where did all the money from those book deals go? On pages 4 to 17 of Obviously it was not for security reasons, because on the special holiday programs at 3ABN, Danny has his whole family on camera, including all of his grandchildren even when they were babies and young children. If rumors like that are circulating, you could put them to rest immediately by having a paternity test done on the man who supposedly is paying her child support and a paternity test on yourself, as well as the child. I was told how to find the forty accredited DNA testing laboratories and I could arbitrarily choose one which I did. 2. I was gone over the holidays and just got back today and read your e-mail. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. And she certainly is not an adulteress. That home has been sold and. Click to reveal If truth is on your side, you don't have worry about how many sides there are. YOU are the one who started all of this. If no fraud was planned for the real DNA testing, then why would they all secretly get tested beforehand as a dry run? He said, No.. Network. (End of pertinent section of Dec. 23, 2008 e-mail). It was only a short time before a specific date was chosen for the testing to be done that he, without any explanation, dropped the demand for $10,000.00. I have not posted these documents maliciously, I just want to know the truth as everyone should. That . Join Danny & Yvonne Shelton and Tim Parton for a blessed time of praising our Lord Jesus Christ.TDY190087 SUBSCRIBE https://bit.ly/3A. Greg and Jill Morikone unpack both opportunities and challenges at the television network. 154 3ABN Franais Network. Is the response of present-day Adventists to the need for finding the truth, the equivalent of a young persons casual, nonchalant, uncaring, and disinterested answer - - - - Whatever! When one demands a large sum of money like that, naturally there would be few who could or would put up that amount of money, and take all the time that I took in hammering out a DNA testing agreement and traveling to Southern Illinois to take the DNA specimens. You laid yourself wide open for all sorts of accusations. Of that amount, $52,407.41 was additional money beyond No Brandy's daughter is not my daughter. I agreed. The reason this is important to say is that when I arrived in Southern Illinois to take the DNA specimens, Brandy became very angry and accused me of harassing her family. I had done nothing of the kind. There are people who DO know that, including one of the people you actually spoke to about lodging for Brandy. One wonders, why a mother would name her child, God? Here is a copy of the first e-mail I sent to Danny in response to his offer to send me a copy of a tape that he has. It's not about money. I had heard nothing from either DNA testing center to which the samples were sent until Tuesday, May 19.

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